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Elevating Kitchen Excellence: Nurturing the Engine of Your Restaurant

In the Weeds Meeting
  • Free 60-90 minute meeting

  • Meet with ownership and/or leadership

  • My credentials

  • My offering: Tools and Processes

  • Q&A

  • Pricing

  • When and how to follow up

Kitch(en)gine Audit
  • Evaluate: 

    • Prime Cost​

    • Food Cost

    • Labor Cost

    • General Kitchen overview

    • Prepare a summary for review

    • Schedule the Prep List Meeting

The Prep List
  • Present the summary

    • Explanation: specifics about the process​​

    • Estimated timeline

    • Estimation of new prime cost goal

    • Estimation of cost

    • Contract proposal

Prep Day
  • Establish a working partner/a contact​​

  • Create and Action plan

  • Establish a meeting rhythm

  • Establish weekly accountability

  • Establish a weekly To Do list

  • Establish a Scorecard

  • Begin the work

The Rush
  • Doing the work and continued monitoring:

    • weekly meeting for accountability​

    • To do lists

    • scorecard 

    • And building the processes

  • It's Done!

  • Processes are set

    • Weekly meeting rhythm​

    • Maintaining the scorecard

    • Kitchen is organized

    • Grocery acquisition is simplified

    • Menu is costed and priced 

    • Inventory rhythm is established

    • Staff hiring, training and maintenance is in place

    • Prime Cost is being monitored weekly

Quarterly and Annual Checkins
  • Quarterly and Annual Meetings are set

  • Update and refine processes

  • Update menu costing and pricing

  • Staff reviews

  • Annually: 

    • Big ideas and goals​

    • Menu overhaul

    • Update and refine

    • Staff reviews

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