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Who is Peter Madden?

Peter is a native Texan raised in McAllen and currently residing in Bryan College Station with four decades in the restaurant industry including twenty years as a restaurant owner. Culinary school set his path in the early 1990's, shaping the next 30 years of developing a distinct culinary and leadership style. 

There are common systems that can be applied across any brand because of the nature of restaurants, but every operation is also unique, and Peter excels at tweaking processes to fit different concepts and cultures. 

"I have been where you are… I know what it is like to interview a dozen applicants in hopes of netting two, I understand the stress that comes with having to meet payroll, and I know the loneliness of entrepreneurship and the feeling of anxiety that comes from being overwhelmed.”

While Peter's culinary background leans his expertise towards the kitchen, his two decades as an owner-operator rounds out his comprehensive understanding of restaurant operations.


Peter has medaled in several culinary competitions, hosted unique theme and wine dinners, created countless unique dishes and food products, curated gardens, milled flour, and pushed the limits of his capabilities. And he has mentored numerous youths as they pursue their own culinary and restaurant ambitions.  

Peter embraced the notion that restaurants are in the business of service and enjoyed the relationships forged with staff and customers and honored those relationships by creating experiences as opposed to mere work or food. Service and generosity toward others is an important core value in Peter's life. Donating time, money, product, gifts, etc to local and national organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House, Scotty's House, Habitat for Humanity, and a multitude of other events and charities is an important part of Peter's restaurant history.

Now, Peter takes great pleasure in helping others with their businesses. Being a member of the Entrepreneur's Organization for the past five years has been instrumental in his growth as a person and leader. Having access to other entrepreneurs and resources has empowered Peter to move beyond being a chef who owns a restaurant. Finding humility primed Peter to gain knowledge from relationships that he would otherwise not have access to. Insane Productivity, Profit First, EOS are all programs Peter has absorbed to take him beyond his cutting board and knife.  

"I am a man of God, a husband, a father of three girls, and a friend. This is how I choose to define my life, but don’t worry, I can still help you with your restaurant"!

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