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Restaurant Audit

Getting a feel for your restaurant:  An Exploration and overview of your establishment.

Free 60-90 minute meeting
  • Meet with ownership and/or Leadership

  • Getting to know each other

  • What are your needs

  • What are my credentials and how can I help

  • Q&A

  • Deliverable: 2-week audit Proposal


Evaluating the customer's journey from beginning to end. The parking lot, through the restaurant, and back to the parking lot.

Revenue Review
  • Actual vs. Capacity

  • Menu pricing audit

  • Tracking and planning

  • Revenue streams

  • Customer counts

P&L Review
  • Where is the money being spent

  • Opportunities to save with sacrificing

  • Expenses as a percent of sales

Proposal to put audit into action
  • Audit Summary

  • Plan of Action

  • Timeline

  • Expectations of the operation

  • Expectations of the consultant

  • Deliverables outlined

2-week comprehensive Audit

Should you accept the proposal, your 2-week audit will begin and consist of the following:

Facility Audit

Evaluating the physical condition of the space:

  • Dining and public areas

  • Bar space

  • Kitchen and equipment

  • Cleanliness and practices

  • Maintenance schedules

    • internal​

    • outsourced


Explore potential differences between your brand identity and the customers perception.

How do your core values, your niche and your unique attributes shape your identity. 

  • Reviews audit

  • Web presence

  • Social Media review

  • Branding

  • 4-walls marketing


Evaluating fundamental practices that establish operational success:

  • Vision and goals

  • Organizational chart and roles

  • Key relationships (vendors, banks, bookkeeping, technology, marketing...

  • Internal communication and meeting rhythms

  • Processes

    • Human resources​

    • Training

    • Daily procedures

    • Documentation and checklists

    • Prime cost controls

    • Food and Alcohol preparation

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