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The Kitchen Expert

Like you, I have found joy, pride, and fulfillment within this industry. Likewise, I have felt resentment, anxiety, and mental fatique. With over four decades of experience as a chef and restaurateur, I empathize with the good, the bad, and the ugly that accompanies every operation in this industry and I have learned much.


I've been in your shoes—I've faced the challenges of staffing, the stress of meeting payroll, and the loneliness of ownership. I will not minimize or dismiss issues, or the angst generated by them. Our shared experiences will fuel our resolve. 


As a kitchen expert, my purpose is to empower you to fine tune your kitchen engine and improve operations toward more freedom and more profit. Your restaurant isn't just a business; it is an extension of you, and I am ready to assist in making it the best version of you. Small adjustments can move the operations needle significantly. Let's get you working on the business more and in the business less. 

What is Kitch(en)gine? 

The Kitchen is the Engine of the restaurant

Kitch(en)gine is a concept that emphasizes the kitchen's role as both the operational heart and the primary driver of controlling a restaurant's financial health, operational efficiency, and overall success.


Kitch(en)gine highlights the importance of optimizing a restaurant's Prime Cost via sound and consistent kitchen processes, including the ongoing monitoring of those foundational processes.


How does every restaurant in existence make money? By controlling their Prime Cost. In fact, this is the ONLY way a restaurant makes money. If you want to MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFITS, then dominate your prime cost! And they way to do that is through the kitchen. 


Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Restaurant

My proven processes for kitchen operations can be applied within any operation, but every restaurant has its own personality and I understand that. I can tailor my system to align with your concept and culture. 




I have opened multiple concepts as a restauranteur, but more valuable than those 

experiences are the professional relationships and shared experiences with industry leaders that continue to supply value. When you secure my help, you are accessing more than just the diary of my journey. You are accessing a network built on years of working with some of the sharpest players in the hospitality game.

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