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Concept Development

Optimizing Operations: Fueling Success Through Seamless Processes

New Concept Plan
  • Opening a new restaurant is a very difficult undertaking.  There are countless details that need to be addressed; so many moving parts that need to be tracked. Having qualified assistance lessens the burden and provides extra eyes on the project. Having an experienced mind onsite is invaluable. Here's how I can help:

Free 60-90 minute meeting
  • Meet with ownership and/or Leadership

  • Getting to know each other

  • What are your needs

  • What are my credentials and how can I help

  • Q&A

  • Deliverable: Proposal

  • Processes built for every functioneetin

    • Customer interaction

    • Training

    • Inventory

    • Product storage

    • Receiving product

    • Grocery and supplies ordering

    • Cleaning

    • Opening and closing

    • Communication and meeting rhythms

    • And More

Marketing Plan
  • Local PR: chamber of commerce, newsletters, ribbon cuttings, parties

  • Social Media input

  • Web presence

  • Partnerships/Relationships

  • Events

  • Hiring standards

  • Interview guidelines

  • Training guides

  • Technology input geared to support operations

  • Communication tools

  • Point of sale

  • Scheduling tools

  • Sales and expense tracking 

  • Bookkeeping

Feasibility Study
  • Capital Budget

  • Sales Projections

  • Labor Projections

  • Expense Projections

  • Profit and Loss Projections 

Design and Equipment 
  • Restaurant design and flow input

  • Kitchen Design and flow input

  • Equipment and tools input and acquisition assistance

  • Building materials input

Menu Planning
  • Concept and Menu integration

  • Menu Design

  • Recipe Creation

  • Costing and Pricing

  • Vendor and Food acquisition

  • Vendor and Alcohol acquistion

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